Traditionally, although the cost of printing custom printed circuit boards overseas is low, the cost associated with shipping individual packages back to South Africa has been prohibitive for the hobbyist.  We have partnered with China based PCB manufacturers and now offer reduced combined shipping for our customers, facilitating their projects.

How this works is, you design your full project circuit board and supply us with the relevant gerber and drill-data files.  We then become the middle man between you and the PCB manufacturer.  When the PCBs are ready, they are then shipped to our China based shipping agent where they are added to our stream of shipments of electronic goods.  On arrival in SA, we simply ship to you.  By combining the shipments we reduce the shipping cost from China dramatically to as little as $10 per kg.  We then charge a markup on the project as a whole.  By example, a 10 pack of custom 10cm x 10cm 1.6mm circuit boards with two layers (Top and Bottom), through holes, silk screening and solder mask would cost around R500.00 in total or R50 per board.

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