Awaken your home!

Widely recognized as one of the most versatile Home Automation platforms in the market today, our automation platform of choice is Home Assistant (  This platform allows you to automate and control devices inside your home environment from any internet attached device around the world.  With an installation running in your home/business, your facility develops to ability to monitor its environment and executed automated instructions making your life less complicated.

Many people believe home automation is the ability to push a button and have a curtain close or walk into a room, have the lights go on automatically or have the ability to open or close your garage from your phone., talking to your home  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  True Home Automation is your house knowing that no one is home so automatically closing the curtains and turning the lights on and then automatically opening them in the morning.  Home Automation is your home sending you a message on your phone when no one is at home and the garage door is left open or the alarm has not been set.  Home Automation is your home watering the garden automatically when there has been no rain for a period or not watering the garden because the weather forecast is for rain tomorrow.  Home Automation is monitoring your solar installation and allowing your home to run certain electric devices when you are home vs when you are on holiday to reduce your electricity expenditure.  Home automation is controlling your Heating or Cooling, TVs, Entertainment systems, Mood lighting all based on who is at home or who is not.

Home Automation has endless possibilities.  We supply and install a wide range of Home Assistant compatible devices.  We also build custom electronic devices which integrate with Home Assistant, expanding what is possible over and above what is available on the market today.